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For those who love nature and outdoors and regard spending time in such calm environments invigorating for both their mental and emotional well-being, here are a few ways to dedicate some space at home to nature and bring the outdoors into the living space.

It is important that we find ways to make our pets as comfortable and at ease for better coping with COVID-19 circumstances by using a few useful tips.

Practicing social distancing and the constant on and off implementation of lockdowns can become a stressful ordeal, especially when not being able to interact with

Celebrate the spirit and joy of Eid with your loved ones in the safety of your home.

Even though the month of Ramadan is almost over, it's never too late to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Check out a few tips on how you can accommodate your healthy living plan in Ramadan.

Make your time in quarantine a success story. Check out these platforms to help you get started on a new skill.

An art that may have the potential to be perfected during quarantine is cleaning. Now that everyone is confined to their homes due to the

A few ways to help keep yourself sane and maintain positive relations in quarantine.

With the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan, one obvious benefit of the COVID-19 lockdown is the ample amount of time on our hands.

#By Parvathy Suresh & Habiba Pervez

DIY ideas to decorate your homes while embracing the spirit of Ramadan, with a blend of spirituality, celebration, and warmth.

We all have a hidden creative side in us waiting to show its colors whenever possible. Some of us let our inner artist thrive while

With quarantine in place and schools being closed, parents have to constantly find ways to keep their children happy and entertained. It is very important

Here's a list of a few binge-worthy films and series for kids and adults.

Regain control of your home and work life by following the easy 4 step process of Organizing, Recycling, Selling and Storing.

There is a certain comfort in indulging in junk food during times of stress, boredom or when we have a lot of free time on

Social distancing is the last thing one wishes for, especially when a birthday, anniversary, religious event is around the corner. There is excitement of getting

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