Maintain Positive Relationships In Quarantine

The well distributed parallels of spending time with friends and family is the key to having a happy and healthy mindset. The family drama and hangouts with friends complement each other to help keep our minds well balanced. However, due to the pandemic and social distancing requirements, adjusting to spending more time with family may prove to be a challenge for some. Here are a few ways to help keep yourself sane and maintain positive relations in quarantine.

Keep In Touch

There are always members in your family that you are more fond of than others, a funny uncle on your dad’s side, a compassionate aunt on your mom’s side, grandparents, sister in law, etc. This can be anyone who acts as a support system for you, lifts your spirits, has your back and keeps you level headed. Keeping in touch with them on a regular basis will give your mind that sense of calm you may have been craving to keep a calm head. On the other hand, staying in contact with relatives around the globe will keep you in tune with everything going on in the family and give your parents or spouse a chance to rejoice in a virtual meeting with loved ones. This can also be that positive distraction for your parents to keep them occupied for a couple of hours, giving you a chance to take a breather.

Set Boundaries

Setting up boundaries is vital for you and your family, to maintain a healthy distance emotionally or physically is to practice a level of control in your own space. Clearly stated boundaries provide that much-needed privacy that is otherwise hard to achieve in a house filled with the whole family. It is a two-way road and requires both parties to respect the rules laid out. The best result comes when all family members realize, understand and accept that each person has their thoughts, feelings or require space to think and breath. When implemented in a balanced manner, the outcome is positively instant and noticeable. As much as setting up boundaries is essential, so is the discussion of what is acceptable and what isn’t. A ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door means that you are in your zone and need to be left alone till the sign has been flipped to read ‘come in’.

Celebrate Occasions

Frustration, irritation, anxiety and other negative emotions can go rampant when confined to a place for a long time whether with family or friends. We must look for opportunities to spread positivity and joy. One such opportunity to implement this is by celebrating special occasions with family members with the utmost enthusiasm. From birthdays to anniversaries, we should look for excuses to spread happiness. Special occasions on their own bring about a sense of fun that is very contagious and can turn the negative mood to positive. However, if there are no special occasions around the corner, then we can make any day special with a little bit of effort. Agreeing to host an at-home movie marathon, camping out in the garden, playing games in the living room or coming together as a family to get creative with craft DIYs are a few ways to go about it.

Follow A Routine

Having a fixed daily routine during quarantine has a substantial positive impact on mental health as it places an order in an environment that can easily welcome chaos. Having a specific time for meals with family, work time, and alone time will give that sense of control at home. Sticking to the routine every family member has will avoid unnecessary conflict and give everyone something to do at the same time. Furthermore, agreeing to spend a few hours of the day with the family will decrease the pressure of spending time in between those set times. When members of the family are aware of each other’s schedules, then it is easy to respect and stay in sync with what everyone is up to and giving them the space they need to do their own thing.

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