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Every great event, good or bad, has taught us a specific set of lessons to take from these events. Where man-made disasters have taught us to realize when to take a breather similarly natural disasters have shown us to tread carefully with the balance of nature.

#By Parvathy Suresh & Reetu Jhamnani

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have taken up several preventative measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We

There are no doubts that desperate times call for desperate measures, and a pandemic can corner businesses just as easily as it can individuals. Challenges

#By Parvathy Suresh & Maham Shaukat

The COVID-19 recession is affecting all industries, regardless of their commercial robustness or fragility. A ripple effect is being generated as the cash crunch spirals

#By Parvathy Suresh Kumar

Dealing with uncertainties causes significant anxiety. As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are trying to do our best to protect

#By Parvathy Suresh Kumar

The COVID-19 pandemic is  not only creating a massive human impact but also an enormous commercial impact. There exists an uncertainty about the future, and

Dealing with finances wisely has always been important, especially during times of uncertainty. Having a uniform budgeting system with a constant and regular flow of

Etisalat recently provided free three-month access to the CloudTalk Meeting unified virtual meeting platform. Immediately, this move met with widespread interest in the business sector and government agencies

During this time of social distancing & working remotely, supporting the employees will lead to increased productivity & allow the organization to achieve higher levels

List of some tech tools that are useful for most SMEs to kick-off Work from Home. These tools that can be accessed through laptops and also mobile.

It's time to #GoLocal! Local businesses may be small, but they are defined by their spirit. While we are social distancing, there are

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