Get The Outdoor Indoors

The outdoors has become a new form of luxury we did not see coming. From wanting to socialize and travel to just stepping outside for a walk to see nature in all its glory, the deprivation of the outside world has made us crave it more than ever. The ease in some restrictions may allow us to enjoy the outside for a bit, but it sure is short-lived knowing that there is still some risk involved. For those who love nature and outdoors and regard spending time in such calm environments invigorating for both their mental and emotional well-being, here are a few ways to dedicate some space at home to nature and bring the outdoors into the living space.

Natural substitutes: Use furniture made with natural materials like wicker, rattan, hemp and jute to decorate your living space and bring in that bit of nature to help keep you grounded. These materials are inspired by nature and invite a sense of tranquillity when handled, seen or touched. You can also use these materials to redecorate already existing decor items around the house, giving them a touch of nature. Rocks, pebbles, seashells, jars of beach sand, wood, and straw are also a few elements that you can incorporate into your everyday living, to bring the outdoors in.

The colors of nature: A good home DIY project that is ideal during quarantine is fixing the house or renovating it a little to bring in some welcomed change. Using nature-inspired colors such as green, yellow and warm browns will brighten up the rooms and make your living space feel cozy and welcoming. These colors will help enforce a sense of relaxation and positive thinking. For example; Green reminds us of plants, trees and earth, Blue is for the sky and water, Yellow invokes freshness like the sun and flowers, more neutral colors like whites, khakis, beige and tans make the home look clean, cozy and natural. Floral wallpapers are also a good way of boosting the natural elements in your living space.

Plants: House plants are one of the easiest and affordable nature-related decor items that not only breed life into your home but also give the owners something to occupy their free time with by taking care and nurturing the plants. The best part about buying potted or decorative plants is that that no matter what type of accommodation you reside in, there is always room for a miniature garden in the balcony or a full greenhouse in the villa backyard. Plants can make you think of the outdoors and help you feel less boxed in. Plants release oxygen into the air and take up the carbon dioxide. The atmosphere in your home will become naturally more beneficial for you in this case. More oxygen means your body works more effectively, your brain feels less fatigued, and you release the right types of hormones which in turn helps in supporting your mental health as well.

Natural senses: The sense of smell, touch, hearing and sight are the most prized possessions that help us associate and attach memories to, storing moments and places in our mind that in turn builds up to form our happy place. Using nature as a theme to entice our senses helps us relax and makes for a good meditative environment. For example; using woodsy/floral incense and candles around the house, playing delicate tunes of rain, birds and waves in the background will help us get in tune with nature and bring about a sense of calmness and peace that helps rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. Natural scents from plants inside the house also help with mental health. When you get a pleasant smell, you instantly feel more relaxed and happier.

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