DIY Decor Ideas for Ramadan

#By Parvathy Suresh & Habiba Pervez

The holy month of Ramadan is here and a spirit of hope, spirituality, and giving are about. As most Muslim families prepare for this special month, homes, stores, and streets have adopted a festive air. With the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 making celebrating Ramadan more challenging, we may not all be able to focus our efforts or resources into honoring all our traditions. However the celebration of this holy month does not require an extravagant budget. Instead, use your imagination and creativity to build something extremely special that touches your soul. Below are a few DIY ideas to decorate your homes while embracing the spirit of Ramadan, with a blend of spirituality, celebration, and warmth.

Get Crafty

Take a different approach and decorate using arts and crafts products. As Ramadan is occurring during the Spring/Summer season, go for decor with a floral and joyful touch. You can make banners, wreaths out of paper flowers in a half moon pattern as well as lanterns. Additionally, pair gold and silver stars or lunar figures for some sparkle and shine, and stick them around your home.

Lights and Lanterns

Lights always bring a sense of warmth to the surroundings, so another way of decorating can be by using candles and fairy lights. Match lanterns of various sizes and styles; the glow that radiates from them can convey a cozy atmosphere. For a glamorous touch, string fairy lights around mirrors and shelves in the house or create constellations on your ceiling by sticking the lights in your favorite patterns.

Ramadan Reminders

Despite being a month of merriment, it is obligatory not to forget the religious aspect of it. A chalkboard or a white board can be used for daily reminders on things like days remaining until Eid, prayer timings, a daily Dua or Hadith etc. You can also decorate this board with intricate designs, which you can change everyday to make it look more appealing and refreshing to the eye.

Ramadan Calendar

A trend that has developed over the years is to design your own Ramadan calendar. You can involve children in this exciting activity too, to teach them about the significance of Ramadan, fasting, and help them countdown to Eid. Daily reminders on the calendar can also help children understand what they have and should be thankful for.

Go Minimalist

You don’t have to go all out while decorating, thoughtful details can have a huge impact overall. Bring out your old decorations and style them around the house in a new and creative manner. Brush up on your calligraphy and soft cursive writing skills, and frame these in various corners.

Finding new and creative ways to decorate this Ramadan can boost morale, and while this year has proved to be more challenging for us all, creating precious moments for you and your family can foster a sense of community, gratitude, and peace during this holy month. Even though this may be a slightly different Ramadan let it also be a blessed one, Ramadan Kareem!

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