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Cricket is a widely celebrated event idolized and anticipated by a large portion of the sporting world. The IPL teams are a perfect summary and example of what UAE is described to be (a diverse melting pot of culture, heritage, race and nationalities).

Reopening schools is proving to be a tricky ‘next step’ in getting back on track, with a division in opinion, where some parents want on-campus schooling to resume, others wish to continue with online education.

With the Eid festivities and preparations in full swing, authorities continue to emphasise the need to follow proper preventive and precautionary methods for the safety and security of all citizens and individuals.

Dubai is a magnet that attracts creativity and innovation in every field! Check out these unique online businesses that came into being with the city's open spirit of entrepreneurship.

With the entire family under the same roof constantly utilizing available resources and energy, it is important to make sure both Water and Electricity are also being conserved.

A social media detox is much needed for many of us to get our mental and physical health back on track.

For those who love nature and outdoors and regard spending time in such calm environments invigorating for both their mental and emotional well-being, here are a few ways to dedicate some space at home to nature and bring the outdoors into the living space.

Implementing natural herbal cures and hard physical labor to strengthen our mind, body, and soul should be adopted in the bustling era of the plastic industry that is today.

It is important that we find ways to make our pets as comfortable and at ease for better coping with COVID-19 circumstances by using a few useful tips.

Keeping close to the trend of 2020, here are a few natural food items with antiviral properties you can find at your local grocery store.

There is a wave of talented home bakers in Dubai, each offering unique flavors and their own twist on universally loved cakes, bakes and desserts. They create magic in their kitchens and spread happiness by delivering their delicious creations to you!

As we come in terms with the new safety & hygiene requirements, protection gear is slowly shifting from the purpose of safety to looking visually appealing.

Companies have come up with creative alternatives to keep the income flowing, the most prominent being drive-through services.

Narrations by people from different walks of life, putting into words their experiences during the quarantine phase as well as the series of events that have led to our new normal way of life.

Dubai's most popular and unique subscription boxes!

Given the current status held by some of the significant technologically leading conglomerates around the globe, puts them in a position that may be seen as advantageous for the economy on a local if not global scale

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