Decluttering Tips in Quarantine

We all end up making a mess every now and then; whether it’s in a living space or at work, it is one of the leading causes for stress. The key is to find the best possible way to manage the disorder that is around us and eliminate the unnecessary load. If you are hesitant on how and where to begin the decluttering process, then regain control of your home and work life by following the easy 4 step process of Organizing, Recycling, Selling and Storing.


Organize as much as possible, find ways to compartmentalize in broader categories the bulk of your belongings. Start by making sure everything is in its rightful place; clothes tucked away in cupboards and drawers, toys packed and stored near the kids play area to avoid any unnecessary scatter, utensils and cutlery gathered and brought back to the kitchen. The basement, garage, attic, closets, workspaces, kids’ rooms, and kitchen are some of the most common clutter hotspots in the house. Set a weekly goal to dive into one messy space at a time and tame it. It is always best to begin in the area that you keep returning to throughout the day like your bedroom so that it can become your safe spot to take breaks in and spend time to relieve stress. Invent a sorting system that suits you best and allot 3-4 bins to place items in. The most popular three-box method includes a toss, keep and store containers:

Toss Bin: includes all those items that you will get rid of either by throwing away, selling (unused items you do not need nor see yourself using in future) or donating. This bin will only include things that you have decided are not of any use to you regardless of their good or bad condition.

Keep Bin: includes all those items that you use either regularly or from time to time come in handy. Buying storage containers and labelling them to keep these items is the best option so you can find them as and when the need arises.

Store Bin: includes all those items that may not be of use to you, but you find it difficult to part with due to the sentimental value they hold. The most standard items in this bin include family heirlooms, childhood toys and objects that have special memories attached to them.


A lot of the times we find ourselves buying things we either hardly end up using or never at all. The best solution for such items that we come across in the organization process is to think back to the last time that article was used. If it was recent and seems like you will use it again if similar situations arise, then keep it. However, if you do not see yourself using the item soon, then it would be best to part ways with it. Some useful ways to remove these items include recycling or giving them to someone you know may make better use of it than you. Make a list of such things and ask your family or friends if they know anyone that may need or want them. Moreover, make a note to self to not make future purchases of that sort.


There are several websites and apps available on a global scale today where people can put up unneeded household items for sale. This is a useful way not only to earn a bit of cash on the side but also find new homes for the things you no longer need or want. Some platforms available in Dubai include Dubizzle, Sellmystuffdubai, Second Hand Dubai, Meltoo, etc. Majority of these platforms include all categories you may be looking to sell products in, from home furniture and utensils to clothes and even cars. Find out which platform suits you best and the wide variety of things you can put up for sale to make space in your house.


There is always a possibility that by the end of the declutter session, you may still be left with a lot of items that require storage space and that is completely normal too. In such situations, find the right storage space for your things and if there is none, make some.

Finding storage space: Buy decorative wicker baskets of different shapes and sizes that add a touch of style and practicality when it comes time to store under open basin spots or high tables. Hampers are another great way of storing items under spacious bedside tables or even in the corner of the room. Use up the open and free space under your bed for items like suitcases and travel bags which can also be used to store fewer used items or clothing.

Making storage space: Make use of empty wall spaces by fixing shelves and placing small items on them instead of buying shelves that would take up ground space. Some right spots around the house to build wall shelves or wall storage is in the kitchen. Attach S-hooks on pegboards to hang cutlery. Store bulky pots and pans on wall shelves put on display. Suspended pot racks are another good option for pots with odd shapes that are difficult to store in cabinets. Opt for a wall shelf for your book collection and decoration pieces.

Declutter your space & mind! #StaySafe & #StayHealthy.

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