Fun DIY Projects in Quarantine

We all have a hidden creative side in us waiting to show its colors whenever possible. Some of us let our inner artist thrive while others wait for peaceful moments alone to bring out their creativity and use it as a pleasant distraction. No matter what the cause, the fact that we can enjoy and look forward to small or big creative projects with excitement is a good indicator of our hidden artistic talent. Here are a few ways we can put our creativity into positive use.

Creative DIY for children

Children, by nature, enjoy everything creative, colorful, and fun. Getting the kids to take part in a few at-home DIY projects of building and making things from scratch will boost their creative mind and give them an excellent opportunity to learn something new. Here are a few DIY activities to get the kids started on.

Renovation: Let the kids join you in helping rebuild or renovate the house. Give them easy-to-do and fun tasks like painting or designing. Ask them for their opinion in the designing of the house and let them work on a few small projects that include arts and crafts. Help them make decorative pieces with art supplies to place in their room or paint sections of the house to speed up the interior upgrade process.

Art & Crafts: Introduce the kids to Origami to help them keep occupied with their creative minds on overdrive. Teach them new ways to recycle old things and remake them into reusable items. Learning fun ways to reuse old jewellery, furniture, books, newspaper, etc. will help them understand the importance of conservation and recycle.

Science Projects: Another fun option for parents is to indulge their kids in educational DIY by to taking up a weekly science project assignment to research on and bring to life. Some exciting experiments from sciencefun.org include making a volcano, lava lamp, storm in a glass, dry erase, home-made play dough, water marbling and crystal making, among others.

Creative DIY for teens

Teenagers live in their own world of social distancing and are hard to reach sometimes, unless offered an exciting activity to work on that piques their interest. It is safe to say that today’s younger generation is a smart and well-informed one that welcomes interesting DIY projects with enthusiasm and excitement. Here are a few fun DIY projects teens can treat themselves to during quarantine.

Scrapbook: Teen years are the learning curve of life in which individuals experience new things and learn to experiment and grow into the best versions of themselves. These years come with the most fun-filled and carefree chapters of our lives that hold our most exciting memories. Recording these memories to keep for a long time in decorative scrapbooks is one way to go about it. Explore websites like Pinterest and scrapbook.com for inspiration or sites like countryliving.com for a rundown on the whole process with guidelines. Look up blogs like therealisticmama.com, lifeprintphotos.com and creativelive.com for some fun ideas to adorn the scrapbook that expresses you best and can be a source of joy when looking back in time.

Jewellery Making: Starting projects from scratch are the best way to go about any DIY so you can plan and create as you build. Jewellery making is one such DIY activity that allows you to explore your creative imagination. Begin with choosing what jewellery piece to work on and continue towards mapping out your design. Make a list of all the types of raw materials you will need, from beads, needle, crystals, thread and strings. Opt for shopping online for all your jewellery making tools from websites like Alibab.com, amazon.com, sprii.ae, binge.ae, ubuy.ae and jewellerysupply.com. Once you have mastered the art of jewellery making, you can choose to either donate or sell online on websites like Etsy.com.

If Scrapbooks and jewellery is not your cup of tea, then visit diyprojectsforteens.com or diyjoy.com for more interesting ‘Do It Yourself’ ideas.

Creative DIY for adults

There are a variety of options for adults to indulge in creative DIY projects in the safety of their home. Looking to kill some time and explore potential new hobbies, is something that at-home DIY projects can help with. Here are a few options to get you started.

Building or Fixing: Screen your house from top to bottom and make a list of pending repairs that have piled up over the years. Sort through the list and categorize task in order of importance and time consumption, this will help shorten the list and warm you up for the bigger projects coming up ahead. If there isn’t a lot that needs fixing, then look into preparations for a new project altogether. Use the help of YouTube channels like Homedit, Momma From Scratch and Design Trend Seeker to get a rundown on how to go about building furniture and other household items like wicker baskets, clay pots, lamps, utensils, decorative wooden and clay pieces, etc. from scratch.

Home Décor: Rekindle your creative spirit and let it shine in your home. Set aside some time to work on fun and resourceful home décor DIY projects to relieve stress or to find a new hobby. Venture into the world of easy and quick DIY projects including mason jar art, water marbling and clay art that will add to your home and distract your mind. Look up exciting websites like fabulesslyfrugal.com, burlapandblue.com and craftsbyamanda.com to find inspiration and ideas on the wide variety of designs and options available. From easy-to-make life hacks to artistic décor pieces, find out where your interest lies.

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