Care Packages - Express Your Love From A Safe Distance

Practicing social distancing and the constant on and off implementation of lockdowns can become a stressful ordeal, especially when not being able to interact with friends and family properly. Many special occasions like birthdays, festivals and anniversaries have passed in quarantine, without the physical presence of some of our loved ones. The need to continually remind and stay in touch with each other has started to take precedence in our daily life. With Eid being yet another festival falling in the midst of a pandemic, perhaps an added touch of love and effort from us for our loved ones will help rein in the festive spirit of spreading joy, love and peace in our relations. Make this Eid a memorable and unique experience for your near and dear with the help of customized care packages filled with not just Eid gifts but also wrapped in love and remembrance.

Here are a few Care Package ideas for all your loved ones.

For the Kids

Avoid using money and exchange it for some fun-filled care packages for the kids to maintain hygiene and self-care this Eid. The prospect of receiving gifts is bound to excite the little ones and have them looking forward to the box of goodies sent by loved ones. Kids care packages can include toys bought online, exciting and fun-filled activity books or a drawing and painting set. If online shopping is something, they enjoy then add in a few gift vouchers from ellijunior.com or babysouk.com. Go the extra mile to promote self-care education by adding colorful and cartoon print face masks that will make the kids want to use it. Sweet treats from Candylicious or just chocolates from your neighborhood supermarket will be welcomed with open arms.

For the Parents

Appreciating your parents in every aspect of life is a given, take this quarantined Eid as an opportunity to go all out and prepare some love-filled care packages for your parents. The staple sweet treats from London Dairy Café’s Big Box of Bakes or a healthier option like the Fruity Treat Basket from NRTC will go well along with your care package. Including handmade projects you have been working on during quarantine (jewellery, paintings, sketches, etc.) will add that bit of sparkle and let your parents know how much they mean to you. If you are living with your parents in quarantine, then spice up your care package by offering care services like cleaning the house, taking over your parents chores for the day, cooking or just giving your parents a full day of at home spa treatment to help them relax. The main purpose of your care package for your parents needs to center around, making this Eid special for them.

For the Grandparents

Usually considered the life of the party with their aged but witty humor and complete fondness of their grandchildren, make this Eid’s care package a surprise for your grandparents. Fill up the package with dated images of their young self to trigger a video call filled with their youth stories, add scented candles that remind them of you or pack a DIY knitting/crochet kit with instructions on what you want your Eid jumper to look like. As people have taken to reading during quarantine, order a few good reads and wrap them up for your grandparents to enjoy during quiet afternoons. Make sure to have those chocolate, dates and Arabic sweet treats from Forrey & Galland delivered on time to your grandparents.

For Friends

Making a care package for your friends can be an entertaining and nostalgic experience, especially if you have not met them in a long time. You can customize and add unique details that highlight your friendship and make you teary-eyed. Personal touches like polaroid moments captured in the pre-pandemic era, friendship bracelets and souvenirs from the most outrageous or memorable hangouts you had can make for some amazing care package items. Some creative items can include handmade pieces of art you have been working on throughout your quarantine period to give the care package your personal touch. Other options can include online shopping gift cards, self-care or beauty products, accessories from Saffron Souk or even delicious sweet Eid gift hampers from joigifts.com.

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