The Well-being of Pets During Quarantine

Similar to our struggle of making sense and staying sane in these drastically changing circumstances, we must not forget that our paw pals are also in the same boat and may perhaps be a little more confused and disoriented than usual. Therefore, it is important that we find ways to make our pets as comfortable and at ease for better coping with the help of a few useful tips.


The current COVID-19 situation may lead dog owners to limit the time they spend outdoors and also limit the day to day strolls their dogs are used to. Even though restrictions on leaving your home have now been lifted, extra steps need to be taken when going on daily walks, especially while we are following social distancing guidelines. Owners should try to go for walks in dog friendly locations that are not very crowded to avoid contact with others. Refrain from petting other people's dogs or allowing others to pet or stroke your dog. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to step outside everyday to get your pet some exercise, the same can be done by playing with them inside your home or backyard or even teaching them a new trick for mental exercise.


Source: petsinthecity.me

Reduce the frequency of bathing and grooming in pet shops as currently, general hygiene at home is the best option. Find a gentle pet shampoo and bathe your pet at home whenever necessary. Purchase good quality clippers to shave your pets by yourself and take help from video tutorials from reliable sources online if needed. Try to clean the paws and snouts of the animals when you get home from a walk. Keep the floor and surfaces clean at home and keep the pets away from sleeping in bed or on surfaces like sofas, chairs, and tables to maintain purity. It is also important that owners keep up hygiene measures for themselves as well and wash their hands as per WHO standards right after spending time out with their pets.

Personal Space

It is essential to give some personal space to pets and to stay out of their sight for some time so that they are not entirely dependent on the owner. This way pets can slowly adjust to the absence of their owner to have a more gradual shift towards going back to the office and leaving them alone at home. This exercise is not only a booster for their independence but also serves to give them a mental break from constant human interaction. However, there are some benefits to having an eager owner around, which is that pets  get a ton more treats now!

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