Drive-Through Experiences In Dubai

Restrictions around the country may be easing as time passes, but that has not stopped authorities from implementing sound and strict precautionary measures in place to make sure the coronavirus case count continues to decline gradually. Businesses around the country were quick to take the security measures into stride as long as it meant reopening for survival. Companies came up with creative alternatives to keep the income flowing, the most prominent being drive-through services. Here are a few businesses that have opted for the same.

ACE Hardware

ACE Hardware introduced a contactless shopping method to promote ease in shopping while also adhering to the social distancing rules and regulations. The system includes online browsing, selection and purchase of the goods; the final step is the only one that requires customers to visit the store to pick up their bought items from a drive-through service, without having to enter the store itself. UAE does not cease to amaze even during a pandemic when it comes to one-of-a-kind projects.

Union Co-op Society

Drive-through grocery shopping was probably a vision of the future, but due to the pandemic, it initiated sooner than expected. The first to jump on the bandwagon has been Union Cooperative Society. While other supermarkets and grocery stores opted for home deliveries, Union Co-op implemented the drive-through venture. The service now available in Etihad Mall, Mirdif, allows the customer to drive into a designated parking spot where a staff member will serve them while the customer is seated in the vehicle. Slightly similar to the ACE Hardware drive-through experience, in terms that the shoppers must browse and prepare their shopping list in advance. However, the list is then brought and submitted at the location to the available attendees who will then go ahead and make the bill and gather the purchased items.

VOX/Reel Cinemas Drive-In

Image Source: Gulf News

Entertainment and drive-through were probably two things no one imagined being spoken of together, seeing how usually entertainment refers to a fun yet time-consuming activity; in contrast, drive-through relates to a quick stop shop. However, Dubai has not failed to impress even in this category! VOX and Reel cinemas have introduced the concept of a drive-in cinema allowing movie enthusiasts to continue enjoying their regular dose of movie magic from the comfort of their cars.

The VOX drive-in cinema located in Mall of the Emirates has been given kudos for the entire contactless experience, from digital QR code scanning of tickets to rooftop parking lot makeshift cinema with radio transmission of the movie audio, meaning you can keep your windows up and the air-con running. REEL cinemas, on the other hand, allows movie fans to enjoy blockbusters in the outdoors with the Burj Khalifa as the backdrop...talk about an epic location! Similar to the VOX experience, viewers need to tune into a set FM frequency to gain access to the audio. The cinema is built on the Zabeel extension rooftop, and the vehicles are allotted parking spots based on their height, allowing everyone to enjoy the experience.


The concept of drive-through is common in the food industry, but not so much when it comes to fine dining experiences that are usually known for their ambiance, quality of food and the overall experience of eating at a fancy place. However, with the social distancing rules put in place, a lot of eateries had to make drastic changes to adjust and cope with the environment. Drive-through was an option considered by a lot of eateries, making them unique implementers of the concept.

Asian 5 is one such restaurant located in Downtown offering the drive-through service. Customers can pull up outside the restaurant, and a server will approach the vehicle to take orders. Reform Social & Grill along with OPA have also followed in the drive-through concept footsteps. The former allowing customers to place orders via phone and then given an allotted time to come and pick up the order. While the latter, on the other hand, has a time frame between midday to 8 PM to place orders and have them ready for collection from 5 PM to 10:30 PM. Coffee lovers need not fret as Starbucks and Depresso are also offering drive-through services in their Jumeirah branches.

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