A Monthly Treat For You - Subscription Boxes

Finding something new and creative to do in a time when options are limited is indeed a challenging task. So when an opportunity in times like these presents itself in the form of innovative subscription boxes, who wouldn’t want to sign up for it. It is safe to assume, given the variety that is on offer in the market, that subscription boxes have found a new boom period to grow in. Self-made entrepreneurs have stepped up to the challenge and begun to look for ways that would make their offer stand out in the market. Here are a few popular and unique subscription boxes you can subscribe to in Dubai.


Beauty subscription boxes are one of the most booming and marketed products in their unique category. Having a package delivered to your door filled with mysterious surprises (some expected and some not so much) of the cosmetic nature can get anyone excited. Some popular beauty subscription boxes available in UAE include 'Bella Box', offering a variety of, high end luxury beauty and skincare goodies and 'Haul In One', an all-rounder that includes beauty, skincare, haircare, makeup tools, etc. you name it and they will send it. Focusing on the latest trends and making sure every subscriber’s box gets that extra bit of attention, Haul In One is one of the most sought-after beauty subscription boxes in the UAE.


Sounding skeptical at first till you subscribe to it, fashion subscription boxes for both men and women are beginning to take momentum in the UAE with products including a variety of clothing styles and accessories. Subscription boxes like 'Wear That' offers an exclusive stylist for every subscriber hoping to amp up their wardrobe or have a complete makeover. Interested women have to fill out a form to begin the process, the form asks for information on what style you like to what style you want to achieve, further asking to fill out details on your clothing and shoe sizes along with budget and number of pieces you want. Once the form is filled and submitted, a session is arranged with a personal stylist via WhatsApp to discuss further details.

As for the men, 'Kaizen Box' caters to those with busy schedules who enjoy accessorizing for a sharp and stylish look. With a focus on outfit enhancers, the subscription box guarantees a minimum of five tastefully selected, color-coded items per box each month for the subscribers to keep. For those looking to make a phenomenal first-impression, Kaizen Box is great for adding the finishing touches to outfits through an eclectic selection of ties, pocket squares, socks, cufflinks, lapel pins and more.


Throughout the lockdown, food subscription boxes have gained popularity, especially ones delivering fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy treats. Some of the more sought-after food subscription boxes include 'Fruitful Day', a regular package of fruity goodness that is fresh and regionally sourced. Signing up for this subscription box ensures a steady delivery of fresh fruits and nuts to your doorstep daily. On the other hand, 'Munchbox' concept is an all nutty and nutritious subscription box that gives the subscribers a healthy snack to munch on throughout the day. The assortment includes specialty nuts and crunchy dried fruits and vegetables, deliciously flavored cashews, sweet honey sesame almonds and spicy roasted corn. The boxes can be customized with add-ons like energy balls and protein pebbles to give it your flair.


The variety in this field does not cease to amaze. People have come up with unique and genius ways to meet the different demands of the public. Here is a list of some of the unique subscription box offerings available in the UAE:

'Bloombox' is a flower delivery service sending compact bouquets to flower lovers, gardening enthusiasts and anyone else who loves to receive a beautiful selection of scented flower arrangements. The box includes flowers, a sachet of flower food, a pair of clippers and an instruction manual on how to arrange beautiful flower bouquets as well as information on the flowers you received.

'Mama’s Box' is aimed at the young mothers transitioning into their next phase of life. The box consists of some essential goodies like baby toys, a baby onesie, essential pregnancy items, skincare products and baby basics manual.

'JAF Ink' is a subscription box aimed for the book lovers out there. With enlightening surprises and complimentary add-ons, this subscription box is sure to get the bookworms signing up in no time. The box includes a random surprise in the form of a good read, collectible stationery pieces, scented candles and a themed gift on the side.

Subscribe now and have a box to look forward to every month!

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