Unconventional Business Ideas Taking the Leap Online

There are no doubts that desperate times call for desperate measures, and a pandemic can corner businesses just as easily as it can individuals. Challenges may arise for businesses that depend on the traditional method of face-to-face interaction with their customers. Overcoming these obstacles calls for the use of unconventional tactics in all fields of business management. From concocting never seen before marking strategies to shifting business models or taking alternative leaps to new platforms, here are a few businesses that have taken steps to ensure their brand stays afloat even during uncertain times.

Going Virtual

Dubai has continuously made an effort towards establishing a digital economy and there certainly is a spike in the amount of businesses going online now as compared to earlier. Retailers established on traditional marketing platforms are now the most noteworthy members opting for this means of e-commerce. The need for this shift has arisen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dubai Mall has collaborated with noon.com to launch a virtual store for shopping. Museums across Dubai have virtual tours accessible by the public on dubai360.com. Theme Parks like Motiongate, Legoland, IMG World and more have introduced virtual experiences of their most thrilling rides. Art Galleries including Alserkal Avenue, Art Dubai and Jameel Art Center have postponed their art fairs and as a replacement have introduced virtual workshops including online catalogues, online performance programs and live broadcasts for their viewership as entertainment that can be enjoyed from the comfort of their home.

Food & Beverages

There is no doubt that the most affected business during these testing times have been restaurants. The food and beverage industry depend heavily on demand of the public. Supermarkets like Union Cooperative, and local grocery stores are providing home delivery services, while fine dining restaurants like COYA, Zuma, Tashas, LPM, Burger & Lobster, OPA and more are also joining the bandwagon with the introduction of takeaway and delivery options for customers. Reform Social & Grill along with Trophy Room, McGettigan’s and Bidi Bondi have started conducting their quiz nights online to keep their customers engaged. Dubai’s coffee boutique Mokha 1450 has launched a home coffee brewing championship for baristas encouraging them to showcase their home brewing techniques and giving the public something to look forward to. On the other hand, delivery services like UberEats have stepped forward to provide home deliveries for grocery shopping as well. These initiatives make it easier for customers to reach out to their favorite restaurants & supermarkets from a safe distance.

Staying Fit

Taking precautionary measures during a pandemic means self-isolation at home. That means, no more working out at the gym or driving down to the yoga studio for a quick meditation session. However, fitness studios and gyms like GFX, NRG Fitness, The Platform and many others have found a solution by offering online classes and renting their gym equipment to members so they can continue their fitness regime in the comfort of their homes. Along with these initiatives, the fitness sector has taken it a step further with the launch of online lifestyle channel Recharge. The channel outlines several categories from keeping fit physically, learning how to cook nutritious and healthy food at home to informative life talks to get viewers into the 'staying fit' mindset.


The healthcare sector has not fallen behind on the digital movement either. The Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE has launched a virtual doctor helping people diagnose symptoms of COVID-19 without having to physically visit the hospital. The online service aims not only to assist people with their illness but also to ease the burden of medical professionals. Furthermore, platforms like HiDubai have also taken initiatives to promote a self-diagnostics test following the guidelines set by WHO. HiDubai’s COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool is accessible by the general public via covid.hidubai.com.

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