#GoLocal Campaign

It's time to #GoLocal! Local businesses may be small, but they are defined by their spirit. While we are social distancing, there are still ways in which we as a community can uplift them & help them keep up during this time! Just as they have been there in our time of need, it is time we stepped forward & helped support their cause now more than ever.

Here's how you can contribute:

Budget Rearrangement

With the office now shifted to our residence, it is the perfect time to rearrange our budget. Our personal spending costs have reduced on some accounts like saving on everyday commute & other outdoor leisure activities. Keeping this in mind it would be best to set aside a certain budget that can help give back to the local business community. Dedicating a 50% budget to buy from local businesses is one example. Now more than ever is the time that they would appreciate the loyalty of the community they set out to serve.

Online Shopping & Home Delivery

Local businesses may venture out to online selling through their websites or social media channels & supporting this cause can in turn help the business. It is important that we take initiative to find out which ones are taking the leap & help them come through. Another benefit of online shopping for our daily essentials & groceries from local retailers is their instant & same day delivery to our doorstep. Do not be mistaken as this is a two-way road, retailers benefit too, especially during the current time when social distancing is at its peak and delivery phones are off the hook!

Online Reviews

Sit back, relax & review them all! Using online reviewing platforms to review local businesses will help them gain viewership & new customers. Reviews are also a great way to improve a business’ Search Engine Optimization. Online reviews give businesses the ability to maintain rapport with their customers, which is a great way to maintain an ongoing relationship with current customers. So, what are you waiting for? Start reviewing now, from your local grocer to your favorite barbershop. Spread the word!

Home Projects

Time to fix your remote work-space at home with a few quirky upgrades! With the stay at home initiative, you can work on refurbishment or renovation of small home projects like fixing broken furniture, painting the house, plumbing, etc. Hiring a local handyman service to come to your house during this period of social distancing would be a better & safer idea.

Online Classes

Don't call it quits just yet! Don’t break your routine just because you are at home. Taking up online courses at this time would benefit both parties. From fitness classes to language courses, there are many businesses who are committed to spread their knowledge through their websites or social media platforms. On the other hand, if they do not then be a good sport & help them out with an advance payment for future classes.

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