How to best use quarantine time

#By Mavina Khemani

Classes are cancelled, exams are rescheduled, offices have temporarily shut down, shops around the country have been closed, meetings have been postponed indefinitely; so much is happening to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As we adapt to these restricted surroundings, let’s have a look at how we can use this time to stay entertained, positive and productive.

Stay in touch

Feeling connected to your friends and family ensures a good mental state of everyone. During this time, technology is our best friend. Make time to reconnect with your friends and family members you have not spoken to in a while. You will definitely feel their appreciation in the conversation that will fill you up with nostalgia and positivity.

Keep moving

Fortunately, you do not need a gym or exercise equipment to stay in shape. Sign-up for an online fitness program in which even your family can take part and enjoy together. Home workout is a wonderful excuse to bond with your family, save money on expensive gym memberships and stay healthy in the process.

Tidy house, tidy mind

A clean house and an organized space help to reduce stress and anxiety. It is probably the best time to sanitize and clean your home, organize your messy wardrobes or even decorate a corner of your living room. To make the cleaning process less daunting, come-up with a calendar for different tasks daily and give attention to one task at a time.

Indulge in Indoor activities

What’s the best thing to do when forced to be indoors? Indoor Activities! Keep yourself entertained with fun board games for which you never could pull out time. Ludo, chess, carom board, puzzles, bingo, and so many more options to choose from. This way you can make your time quarantined as enjoyable – and perhaps even as productive as possible.

Learn something new

Let’s face it. If you are stuck at home, you are probably not going to become an expert in running a marathon. But you can learn a new language online, improve your cooking skills, or circle back to that online course that you never finished. You can also use this time to discover a new hobby, as you never know what you are capable of without giving it a try.

Hope these tips have encouraged you enough to do something with all the time you have. It is an incredibly turbulent time for most of us, so take care of yourself and others around you. #StayHome to #StaySafe and of course, remember to wash your hands often.

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