The Humanity in COVID

Every now and then businesses and individuals go through difficult times where some last longer than others. However, that doesn’t always mean that people forget about displaying compassion and care to brighten up someone else’s day. As the population migrates into self-quarantine people across the world have come together to show gratitude and spread happiness in their own little ways. Businesses and residents are learning to support each other and the community on a whole new level. A more profound relationship of give and take has started to take shape as the #stayhome campaign presses on.

The Local Community:


Restaurants and Coffee shops in Dubai are handing out free meals in solidarity with the healthcare workers while at the same time spreading awareness of the magnitude of their contribution towards the pandemic.


Hotels and resorts are hosting balcony concerts by local musicians for their guests to enjoy. Small initiatives like these have helped spread joy at the same time are a source of at-home entertainment for the community.

Dubai's elite have set examples through generous donations towards the retail and healthcare sectors in the form of financial support and healthcare transport (ambulances). On the other hand banks have stepped forward offering relief to their customers, easing their burden in the coming months.


Day for Dubai app launched by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, aims to uplift dedicated teams working around the clock to keep the community safe. By signing up, volunteers vouch to dedicate a day in the year for preserving the environment and city through supporting community initiatives.

The Global Community:

Italy’s Sopranos and musicians have made a name for themselves with their impromptu live concerts, either hailing the healthcare workers efforts or lifting their neighbor’s spirits.

Turkish citizens left food packages on the streets for the homeless and needy to pick whenever they want, while the municipalities help street animals across the country with supply of food and water.

Neighborhoods in Spain started a red flag initiative wherein elderly folk and immuno-compromised individuals could hang red cloth/paper on their front doors or windows to let their neighbors know they need assistance with grocery/essentials shopping.

Businesses are working tirelessly to provide essentials to people at their doorstep, from the elderly, disabled, families to individuals and even other businesses, while customers on the other hand are aiming to spread awareness in support of small businesses and encouraging each other to #GoLocal.

The combined efforts of the public with the initiatives taken on a global level are stark reminders that even in the darkest of hours humanity has a louder voice.

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