Best Healthy Food Delivery Services

Tired of unconsciously eating too much junk food in quarantine? If you are looking to lose weight or adapt a healthier lifestyle, check out these healthy food delivery services across Dubai.

Hello Chef

Every week customers receive a pack full of easy and inspiring dinner recipes with all the fresh ingredients they need to cook them, direct to their homes. All you need to do to get started is choose your box, select your recipes, and make a payment. Most recipes can be cooked in 30 minutes or less. The recipes change every week so you can have a varied and balanced diet. Your ingredients are prepared in a temperature-controlled kitchen and delivered in chilled, food-safe vehicles. Customers can choose any recipe they want within the box they have selected. If not, Hello Chef uses your preferred way of cooking as a guide so you always receive recipes that you like. [Order now: https://hellochef.me/]


Order online and get the best quality and prices brought to your door by a leading importer and distributor in the fruit, vegetable, meat market. Kibsons International offers an ever-increasing range of quality fruits and vegetables from all continents by air, sea and land as well as a wide selection of specialty, pre-packed and ready-to-eat products. They offer a wide range of imported and processed meat and poultry products. Kibsons is meticulous about good hygiene and their facility is HACCP approved. It is of top priority for them to ensure that the meat is processed in the most hygienic and temperature-controlled environment. [Order now: https://www.kibsons.com/]

The Fruit Box ME

The Fruit Box ME offers a national fruit delivery network throughout the Dubai. You can have fruit boxes sent to your home or office, knowing that the fruit is purchased fresh, individually washed and packed locally. All sourced and packed fruits are 100% NON – GMO. Natural sugars within fresh fruit is a healthy and fast way of giving your body the energy it requires to fight those afternoon slumps! An easy-to-handle seasonal selection of fruit is supplied in every box prewashed and ready to eat. Customers can include personal preferences with the choice of fruits in their boxes. [Order now: http://thefruitboxme.com/]

Fruitful Day

Fruitful Day is driven to make your day better by delivering the benefits of fresh fruit to your workplace, homes, and lives. Whether you are a small or large business or a family, ensuring that you are regularly eating the tastiest and freshest fruit can be hard work. It might grow on trees, but not all fruit is equal. In-season produce is fresher and tastes better. That’s because it has been naturally ripened and harvested at the right time. Fruitful Day lovingly hand-picks and thoughtfully prepares fruit boxes and delivers throughout Dubai. You can also order fruit boxes and platters for special occasions such as birthdays, Ramadan and more. [Order now: https://fruitfulday.com/]


Choices, choices! Select a ready-made box or customize your own Farmbox. With ready-made boxes, you receive the freshest assortment of the best produces available on the market! You will get to try new produce in season and only get the best of what's in stock! Know exactly what you want? When you customize your own box, you can be sure to get exactly the items you need. Fresh produce prices are like the stock market -they fluctuate! Farmbox’s main mission is to ensure they remain competitive and so you always enjoy the lowest prices possible. [Order now: https://farmbox.ae/]


Munchbox wants to make sure that every busy, health conscious person will have yummy, healthy, and natural snacks within arm’s reach throughout the day. No more sugar lows, no more post snack guilt, and most importantly no hassle. Their team of snackologists went far and wide to find the most interesting, natural, nutritious and mouthwatering, snacks out there. Their nutritionist then made sure that these snacks had no added sugar, are vegan, Gluten free, and generally good for you. To keep things interesting, the selection of snacks Munchbox offers is ever expanding and evolving, so keep an eye on new offerings every month! [Order now: https://munchbox.ae/]


Every week Livefreshr creates delicious recipes that will not only excite the taste buds but ensure you and your family have a balanced diet full of nutritional value. Say goodbye to wasted hours in the supermarket & let Livefreshr do all the legwork for you. They even pre-portion the ingredients to eliminate any waste. Follow simple step-by-step recipes to recreate their dishes with minimal effort from the comfort of your home. All you need in the pantry is salt, pepper, and oil, and they provide the rest! The cardboard delivery box can be recycled as you wish or they happily collect that too each week. [Order now: https://www.livefreshr.com/]


As the UAE’s first and only one stop keto shop, ingfit strives to bring you amazing keto friendly products from all over the world. ingfit does not support dirty keto as they believe in holistic wellness. They analyze all their products to ensure they only contain the most healthful ingredients. That means no added sugars, no harmful vegetable oils and only the lowest GI, healthy sweeteners. ingfit is not just all about the keto, they also cater for a wide range of lifestyle and nutrition choices. They have special sections on paleo, organic, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and diabetic friendly. They recognize that having access to funky snack foods is essential for some, but really believe that “real food” promotes better health. As such, all the products in their portfolio are made from real, whole food sources. Once you have achieved your wellness goals through keto, it's more than acceptable to bring some healthy carbs back into your life. All the products in their healthy carbs section are high quality, complex, and low-GI. [Order now: https://ingfit.ae/]

Eat healthy for your physical and mental well-being! #StaySafe.

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