Plan your Virtual Happy Hour!

#By Mavina Khemani

We understand that the pandemic has left you feeling lost as you stay indoors until the surroundings get better. Remember, you are not alone!

Together, with the help of technology, we can make these trying times positive and jolly with specially planned moments with loved ones that pump in the extra adrenaline and positivism into the slow, boring indoor days.

Soak together in some culture while learning about the exhibits of some of the famous museums in Dubai from the comfort of your couch. View the list here

Cook together while you watch live streaming of famous chefs and foodies sharing recipes and tips right from their own kitchen
Sign up for that virtual language course or study something that you and your buddy always wanted to take up but never did. Click here for a list of institutions offering online courses
Bring out your competitive spirit and keep the excitement going by playing online games together like ludo, chess, scrabble and many more.
Do not worry if the gyms are closed and you are not allowed to walk outdoors! Find fun online workout sessions and shed those calories together. Click here for a list of fitness centers offering free sessions
Miss watching movies together? Get on the video chat and hit 'play' on the same movie at the same time and enjoy the experience!
This time is perfect for your virtual dance party with friends and family as you all stay home, apart - but together. Go ahead and just enjoy!
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