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Two smart dashboards introduced by Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, are enabling local start-ups to benefit optimally from the Government Procurement Programme and grow competitively and sustainably.

Dubai SME, has enhanced the scope and benefits of its ‘Intelaq’ licence for home-based businesses by extending it to the food sector, listing 19 food trading activities and seven others relating to food preparation under the licence.

Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy is visiting its members to further strengthen its comprehensive SME support programmes, particularly the incentive package it announced to help entrepreneurs and start-ups reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Emirates Islamic, one of the leading Islamic financial institutions in the UAE, has launched a Digital Business Banking package that empowers entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and new start-ups in the UAE, to open an account with a minimum balance requirement of just AED10,000.

Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, confirmed that supporting SMEs is a top priority in the Ministry’s agenda and in ensuring the growth of the national economy in the future.

Dubai SME mandated to develop the SME sector and entrepreneurship continued to expand and diversify its advisory and support programmes in 2019 with an added emphasis on enhancing SME competitiveness and strengthening Dubai as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

both organisations will provide District 2020 with a pipeline of high-potential start-ups and small businesses by helping eligible companies join global entrepreneur programme, Scale2Dubai.

Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy, the educational arm of Dubai SME, has demonstrated a remarkable level of resilience and digital readiness following the precautionary measures against COVID-19 in the UAE.

Updates from the social media accounts of Dubai Economy (DED) & Dubai SME.

Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, has rolled out a series of initiatives to support startups and entrepreneurs in Dubai in view of the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Dubai FDI , an agency of Dubai Economy , released a compilation of economic stimulus packages offered by Dubai Government entities, Federal Government Departments, Central Bank and Banks

Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, has allocated AED 20 million for the capital guarantee scheme launched by its financial arm, The Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund (The Fund), in partnership with Beehive

Dubai Economy & Dubai SME Extends Eid Mubarak (wishes) to all the businesses and residents of Dubai through their respective social media accounts.

During the first quarter of 2020, the total loans provided by Emirati banks to small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, totalled AED93.4 billion, an increase of AED3.9 billion or 4.3 percent compared to AED89.5 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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