Dubai SME adds foodstuff to ‘Intelaq’ licence and allows issuance of Establishment Cards

Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, has enhanced the scope and benefits of its ‘Intelaq’ licence for home-based businesses by extending it to the food sector, listing 19 food trading activities and seven others relating to food preparation under the licence. Intelaq licence holders can also get Establishment Cards, which provides varied facilities including work visas for up to three employees.

Abdul Baset Al Janahi, CEO of Dubai SME, said that the Intelaq licence helps UAE and GCC nationals residing in Dubai enter the business world through simple projects in various sectors.

“Dubai SME is expanding its efforts to support entrepreneurs in the region and widening the scope of Intelaq is aimed to support UAE and GCC nationals and strengthen their presence across various business sectors by enabling the owners of these projects to become successful.”

Intelaq licences are given to home-based projects in Dubai that are 100% owned by nationals of UAE or other GCC countries. There are over 1,700 active Intelaq licences in Dubai and the activities permitted under the licence also include consultancy & training; fashion & apparels design; interior design; real estate brokerage; organising parties and entertainment events, publicity & announcements, etc. An applicant cannot have more than two Intelaq licences.

The seven food preparation activities newly included cover candies and confectionery; pies and pastries; desserts and traditional sweets; juice, as well as selling snacks, sandwiches, and ice cream. The 19 food trade activities permitted comprise dates, food and beverages, baby food, snacks, dairy products, sugar, tea, coffee, canned and preserved foods, nuts, salt, mineral water, drinks, juices, ice, spices, bread and bakery products, sweets and chocolate, and honey and bee products.

For food preparation activity under the Intelaq licence a designated kitchen outside the home with an entrance from outside is mandatory. The licencee will not be permitted to carry out any work outside the scope of the activity licensed and the days on which customers will be allowed access to the kitchen must be specified. Authorised employees of Dubai SME, Dubai Economy, and Dubai Municipality are also entitled to enter the project site for inspection and verification of documents.

Food-related activities under an Intelaq licence will be allowed for five years, provided the licence is renewed every year. At the end of the fifth year the licence must be converted into a commercial licence.

For food trade activities under Intelaq, a residence may be treated as a management office only, as in for the export and distribution of the food stuff. No other activity (storage, repackaging, etc.) from home will be allowed in view of the nature of the location (residential), and the technical and administrative specifications applicable to storage and repackaging, quality control, etc. The foodstuff handled must come from approved sources and conform to all safety and nutrition requirements.

Food products handled under Intelaq must be registered with the federal ZAD Portal before they are imported. A warehouse must be provided for inspections postponed and a financial deposit of AED 15,000 made when using the Food Import Re-Export System (FIRS). Any storage or repackaging as may be required should be done through a licensed and accredited institution in Dubai, pursuant to the approval of the relevant food safety authority. The licencee must provide all data related to the activity whenever required, such as data from suppliers or the sites where the products are distributed.

Intelaq licensees must also ensure that any repackaged foodstuff should meet the labelling requirements. Transport and delivery of food stuff must be through means approved band procedures set by the Food Safety Department in Dubai Municipality. Details of the supplier and service provider must be registered register on the Food Watch platform.

News Source: https://mediaoffice.ae/en/news/2020/August/17-08/DED

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