Ramadan Kareem

#By Mavina Khemani

Ramadan - a month of giving, a month of spiritual re-connection with Allah, a month of celebration with family & friends, a month of rewards from the almighty! It's here to detach us from all that's unimportant and focus on becoming better versions of ourselves. With some planning and creative ideas put to action, we can make the best out of these holy days. Let's go through a few ways in which that could be achieved:

Let our ‘Quarantine Time’ change to ‘Quran time’

Make a goal to complete reading the Quran this entire month of Ramadan. Many of us no longer have to commute to anywhere, deal with the exhaustion of the office, or have any other excuse to procrastinate achieving this goal. One could plan to split the 600 pages of the Quran into 20 pages which can be divided over 5 prayers daily. Remember to enjoy the calmness of slowed and measured recitation of the holy book instead of rushing to finish the pages for the day.

Virtual Quran Circle

Start or join a virtual Quran circle which can help you recite and memorize verses. Doing so can keep you disciplined and motivated towards achieving your goal of completing the Quran and staying spiritual throughout the month without feeling isolated. You can also listen to video series on Quran verses and share or express your thoughts to family on how listening to it has changed your perspective on certain things in life.

Beautify your Surroundings

Decorating and tidying your living space will make the month feel extra special. It will also help create soothing vibes and help develop a deeper connection with Allah during the month. Get clearing of the clutter, put on some fairy lights, mini star lanterns, scented candles and arrange your dining table. Do not get worried if you have no decorations - unleash your artistic side and write a few positive quotes to stick around in your room.

Host a Virtual Iftar

During this Ramadan, we all will be missing the gatherings of our family, friends and community members especially during iftar. We need not spend these festive moments alone without our loved ones. Host a virtual iftar with your friends & family to share your experiences, positive thoughts and discuss the plans or achievements of the Quran reading. Celebrating this way will pour in a lot of encouragement and will make each of you look forward to the next day of celebrating together, differently.

Stay Positive

We tend to get a little negative, impatient and are prone to mistakes especially when we are tired or hungry. Practice being kind to yourself by focusing on what is meaningful to you. Spend more time in self-reflection. Do not compare yourself to others as we all are at a different stages of life spiritually and physically. Remind yourself that you are not alone in this. Whenever you think negative, replace it with a polite and positive thought. Gradually, build this habit during the month, and it will prove to be very helpful in the future too.

Get involved in Iftar Preparations

In general cases, it is seen that mothers feel exhausted and overwhelmed during fasting as they are committed to the non-stop full-time job of taking care of children, doing the house chores and preparing iftar & suhoor meals for the family. To make it more comforting for them, other family members too can contribute to meal preparations that adds to the fun and quality time amongst all members. It reduces the pressure on one individual and also can be spiritually rewarding during the holy month.

Take Care of Yourself

It is essential to take care of your health during Ramadan to be able to complete the month with the same enthusiasm & energy. A few minor changes to the daily routine will add on more comfort and ease to your fasting days. If you are a fitness enthusiast, remember to not over-exert yourself during workouts. Plan the daily iftar and suhoor meals and pack them with nutrients and healthy foods. Post meals, keep yourself well hydrated and avoid excessive intake of caffeine. If you feel unwell and your doctor recommends you don't fast for a few days, do follow their instructions and concentrate on getting well soon. Missed fasts can be made up for during the rest of the year with a healthy body & mind.

Have a safe and healthy Ramadan!

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