Parenting Tips during Quarantine

#By Aarti Gangaramani

The #StayAtHome initiative is being followed around the world with home learning for kids, online classes by schools & universities, working from home for the adults and physical distancing in public places. All of this is a lot to handle, especially for parents, who need to balance out work, home schooling, house chores along with maintaining a positive ambiance at home throughout.

Here are a series of helpful tips for parents to manage this new normal.

Quality time together

First set some time together to spend with your children and ask them what they'd like to do. Suggestions involve reading a book, watching interesting videos/short films, online dancing classes, doing a chore together, playing games or helping them learn something new & creative. One on one time spent on a daily basis will make children feel loved, secure, and will create a positive learning atmosphere at home.

Keep it positive and happy

The second tip is use of constructive words to praise your child for what they have done well. This would reassure that you are looking out for them and will act as an encouragement to do even better next time. Parents to teens, you could help them communicate with their friends, drop in ideas of keeping in touch or maybe become a student and just learn some social media tips and tricks from them.
Frustration normally surfaces while such trying times but that only makes the surroundings more stressful and negative. Instead, get your child’s attention and use this quarantine time as an opportunity to make your mutual connection even stronger.

Daily routine

Having a daily routine will help you shape the day, so create a flexible but a consistent one. It could include time for your work and your child’s studies along with some time for exercising, some fun activities planned out for the day and of course some serious conversation on physical distancing and personal hygiene. Maintaining such a routine will give each of you something to look forward to on a day to day basis.

Pause, keep calm, and manage stress

This is no doubt that this is a stressful time for both you and your children. Take out time for yourself even if it is for a cup of tea/coffee, a meditation session, or a quick yoga class online. This time will give you strength to pull off the rest of the day with positivity and calmness. Be open and listen to your children and their concerns, allow them to shed off their feelings and comfort them. Being a good listener here will pay off in double fold!

Talk about Coronavirus

The last but important step is to talk to children about the anxiety they may be feeling during the pandemic. They may have learned about the virus from an incorrect source or maybe trusting the rumours seen on social media. Talk to them! Tell them about the current situation but in a simple yet positive way making sure it does not affect them adversely. Communicate the importance of all the regulations being imposed by the authorities and how each one of us can contribute to combat the virus and get back to normal life at the earliest.

Make the most out of this quarantine time with your children!
#StayHome & #StaySafe

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