Happy Quarantine Birthday!

#By Mavina Khemani

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things around us for the time being where celebrations have been put on hold or canceled as the world is practicing physical distancing. However, a 2020 Birthday is never going to be back so, rather than letting the pandemic spoil our moods, we all can come together, plan up given the circumstances, and make the most out of it.

Here are some awesome yet simple ideas to celebrate birthdays, be it yours of that of your loved ones -  make it special and memorable!

Some Pampering

Gratify with extreme indulgence in an activity that is adored by the birthday girl/boy. This could be different for everyone. You could prepare a steamy bubble bath with some carefully chosen music to set the mood or start the day with a relaxing yoga session from different home workouts offers by fitness centers. Something even as simple as a breakfast in bed with steaming coffee - homemade or delivered - can work wonders!

Birthday Outfits

A birthday morning is not a normal one and hence should be treated that way. Imagine if you have a birthday outfit of your favorite color awaiting in your dresser as you open it to get ready. So plan up, buy a new outfit online for the birthday girl/boy or choose for them today from the available options. Encourage that excitement and positivity in them as they get ready for their special day with some selfies for social media updates with the hashtag #QuarantineBirthday. Even though it may seem pointless to some, doing so will bring back the spice in the day.

Bake the Cake

For majority of the birthdays we have been ordering cakes, some customized, some fancy, some creative flavors and some basic flavors. How about adding the DIY kick to this quarantine birthday. There are numerous tutorials on how to bake a cake with minimum ingredients and maximum fun. Plan it in advance as a surprise or order in the ingredients together and start baking. It will surely end up being a fun activity done together.

Birthday Decor

Even though mainly for kids, decorating the house or room with a few balloons and confetti would add to the ambiance and bring a wide smile on the faces of the birthday girl/boy. It could be just 2 balloons with a bow next to the breakfast tray or a few colorful ones thrown around the house before their day starts. That smile you will see, will be precious!

Surprise Virtual Party

All thanks to technology that everyone has been able to survive their respective times at home - for either work or leisure. Use it to plan a surprise virtual party for the birthday boy/girl with all the loved ones on a video call. They can sing and clap for you as the homemade birthday cake is cut along with some music to actual have a short online party. Now that's a birthday to remember for years to come.

Birthday Gifts

Never underestimate the power of a birthday gift. While many stores are closed, online stores are supremely active and very much available for orders & deliveries. Order a gift in advance and get it delivered on the birthday or keep it gift wrapped hidden around the house for the birthday boy/girl to seek. Make it exciting, fun and positive with as many gifts as your budget permits.

Don’t let COVID-19 pull your birthday spirits down! Get up, think of plans, discuss with family & friends and have a creative and memorable one.

#StayHome #StayPositive and #HappyQuarantineBirthday

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