Games for a fun Quarantine

Gaming is considered as a go-to source of entertainment for all ages, from young to old, an expert gamer or beginner, whether they be online, board games, multiplayer or single-player. Everyone loves a fun and entertaining game to play. Given the global quarantine situation, all people can do with their free time is to be creative and spend time playing games with family or friends. Here are a few multiplayer gaming options for all age groups to enjoy at home or online with friends and distant family.


Online games that can turn playtime into a learning process as well are a great way to distract the kids entertainingly.The online platform Skribbl helps kids play with their friends in a friendly game of Pictionary. Another kid friendly game website Learninggamesforkids.com is an educational platform stocked with a great selection of fun games for kids. Children can learn a variety of skills from spelling, word search, counting, vowels to the most basic typing exercises to help them get the hang of using keyboards. Other game options also include categories for different subjects like math, science, geography and more. On the other hand, parents can indulge kids in creative board games offline to keep them active. Getting the kids involved and excited in a fun DIY board game project where they get to make the games, they want to play with is a fun method to pique their interest. If this is not their cup of tea, then you can always revert to the age-old Pictionary and jigsaw puzzles.


Online games are found to be the most popular amongst the teen audience. Teenagers grow up playing games from online interactive multiplayer to at home PlayStations and Xbox gaming equipment; they have played them all. The most popular online multiplayer games enjoyed by teens today are PUBG and Minecraft. Other notable options also include Apex Legends, Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Sea of Thieves, Fortnite and DOTA 2. These games include adventure, thrill, and the added interactive option with players on a global scale, making them a strong contender holding the teen base interest. On the other hand, the most sought-after PlayStation games include Final Fantasy VII Remake, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Resident Evil 3, NBA 2K20 and EA Sports FIFA.


It is safe to say that we all have a kid in us that brings out the playful side in our life. With the break that social distancing has provided us from our busy schedules, there is a definite spike in the amount of time we spend trying to come up with creative ways to have fun. One of the more noticeable shifts is seen in the front-line display of all types and forms of board games in supermarkets and grocery stores as well as the increase in online ads for games. This is a clear indicator of what the public is up to while in Quarantine. Majority of the games that interest the older generation are the online versions of their offline board games (Ludo, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Bingo) with a few exceptions like Candy Crush, Stardew Valley, Online Scrabble and Mahjong.

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