Dubai 360° Virtual City Tour

#By Aarti Gangaramani

It’s no secret that Dubai has some of the best attractions in the world. All of us may have reached a point where we are craving fresh air and the outdoors. While going outside is currently not the best option, explore Dubai from the comfort of your own home with Dubai 360!

Burj Al Arab, Helipad View

Dubai 360 offers a panoramic view of Dubai, an impressive time lapse and video content for residents, visitors and explorers. You can choose your virtual outing from a variety of categories such as sports & recreation, culture & museum, aerial views, theme parks, entertainment destinations and a lot more.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

No matter where you are in the world, you can visit Dubai’s most iconic landmarks to enjoy the view as you pretend to fly above in a chopper, ride a bike, or dive into an aquarium, even as you stay indoors. Also feed your inner adrenaline junkie by jumping off the Burj Khalifa or skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah!

Sky Dive Dubai Palm, Landing Area

On Dubai 360, there are more than 1200 exclusive views to explore, and when you choose a landmark, click on the icons to reveal more information after which you will be taken on an interactive tour.

Etihad Museum Library

Take advantage of this novel technology to view Dubai like never before and share your favorite landmarks and views with your loved ones through emails and social media. To keep yourself updated for more such virtual experiences, click here.

Stay indoors, become an armchair adventurer and discover something new every day in your city!

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