Cooking - A Pandemic Leisure Activity

Home cooking has become a sort of staple amid the Coronavirus pandemic. With individuals and families taking extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves and their families, the consensus has shifted towards complete involvement in the kitchen and taking charge of what goes into our body. Due to the rapid increase of the at-home cooking fiesta, we may have to brace ourselves for the sudden outbursts of self-proclaimed chefs that will come out of quarantine in the end.


For beginners with no form of support from an experienced chef at home (Mothers), the learning journey should begin with the age-old method of education through books. Yes! That’s right to order some cooking books available online or grab the ones behind your bookshelf gathering dust and start with easy to make recipes to master the basics before trying out any of the MasterChef dishes yourself. This may seem laughable at first, but it is a necessary preparatory step on the road leading to a full belly. Opting for higher-rated cookbooks and glimpsing at a few recipes in them before making the purchase to make sure they are easy to make and have affordable ingredient requirements is not only important but will help avoid overspending.

Stocking up

An essential part of the cooking process at home is to make sure you have all the ingredients required for the dish, you chose to make, ready. Ingredients do not necessarily include the edibles that will be added to the dish, but they refer to the accessories required for each step of the process as well. Edible ingredients will include pulses, spices, vegetables, oils, etc. Whereas accessories will include Stainer, Plates, Spoons, Spatulas, Whisk, Bowls, Pans, Measuring cups, etc. Cooking is an art that requires commitment and preparation for a tasty result.

Cooking classes

Ideally it would be best to opt for a few online cooking classes and if that’s not in the question then watching some cooking videos online would help out in avoiding missing out on any minute details necessary for your dish to come out looking like a 5 star meal. If you choose to enroll in an online cooking class it will result in increasing your skills on the actual practical part of cooking, at the same time chef’s tend to highlight alternative ingredients to replace any you might be lacking while at the same time mentioning facts and backgrounds of dishes they are preparing or ingredients they are using which increases general knowledge. Another bonus of having someone teach you the art of cooking live, is the open Q&A sessions you can have with the chef to clear any doubts. On the other hand, choosing to learn cooking through watching pre-recorded videos online on YouTube or cooking websites has the benefit of watching the entire process multiple times and trying to keep track of all the steps before actually committing to the practicality yourself.


This is for the intermediary to expert level at-home-chefs, with the basics of cooking under wraps now is the time to venture into cooking up something with your twist to make it unique. A recipe that you can pass down to generations to come. Experimenting in the kitchen can become an exhilarating experience with a lot of ups and downs, some not-so-tasty trials to mouthwatering inventions. The kitchen is your new indoor playground during quarantine so what better way to make it worth the while than cooking up a storm.

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