UAE Government announces 30 percent return to work in federal ministries, authorities from 31st May

The Federal Authority For Government Human Resources, FAHR, has announced return to work in all federal ministries, authorities and institutions as of Sunday 31st May 2020 and at a maximum 30 percent capacity of the total employees. The percentage will increase gradually, based on updates on new developments.

The decision, which was circulated to all federal government entities, comes within the framework of enhancing continuity of government work, the gradual return of employees and provision of government services, in parallel with the implementation of remote work system for the excluded employees. The decision stresses that all preventive and precautionary measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19, must be adhered to.

According to the decision, certain groups of employees are exempted from return to work and will continue to work under the remote work system. They include; pregnant women, people of determination, people with pre-existing chronic health issues, people who suffer from underlying respiratory diseases like asthma and diabetes, as well as older employees, female employees who provide for their children in grade 9 and below until the end of current school year, female employees who are mothers to children in foster care or those who care for people who require permanent health care under emergency conditions.

Also exempted are the employees who live with groups who are susceptible to health risks and their direct contacts, like elderly people or the people suffering from chronic diseases, weak immunity or people of determination.

The decision states that upon implementing the gradual return to work, all federal entities must adhere to all precautionary health measures, including social distancing protocols among employees and the readiness of the place of work and availability of infrastructure to ensure effective remote work and implementation of flexible attendance system.

It also stipulates conducting a weekly review of the attendance percentage maintained and precautionary measures taken. Detailed regulations on the arrangements for return to work will be issued later by FAHR and circulated to all federal entities.

News Source : http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302844923

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