Support & Inquiries regarding COVID-19

With a lot of false and misleading information being circulated online every now and then, it is important for us to know about the reliable sources provided by the Government to get clarification on anything related to COVID-19.

Here's how you can keep yourself updated with the facts or report anything unusual:

Consumer Protection

The Government of Dubai has launched a new hotline for consumers to report any increase in price in commodities during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. They can download the 'Dubai Consumer' mobile application or call 600545555 to file a complaint.

Seek Support

If you are doubtful on any piece of information that you heard or read from a certain source, the Ministry of Health & Prevention has launched a hotline to clear any confusion and to answer any of your questions related to the COVID-19. They have also introduced short videos with updates, guidelines and precautionary measures that must be followed by everyone.

COVID-19 Tracker

UAE’s Supreme Council for National Security has created a website that gives you an overlook on the number of cases in the country so far as well as vital information and updates on COVID-19. They also have a daily self assessment questionnaire designed in coordination with Ministry of Health and Prevention to help you assess your health condition and ensure you and your loved ones can stay healthy, as well as to give you prompt advice in case of need.

Coronavirus Online