The Bright Side of a Pandemic

Every difficult time is an obstacle that can be overcome, sometimes with a lot of patience and other times it can be driven past with haste. A realization that comes to light in the midst of an uncertainty, is to slow down, ponder and reflect on where we are and how we got there to move past it. With the world submerged in the distress of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is important to take a step back and breathe in some positive vibes to help us gather our strength and stay strong. Looking at the bright side of a tough situation is no doubt a difficult task, but once the thought process is initiated, hope, though small can be encouraging.

Taking a Break

With human contact limited, environmental destruction reduced, animals roaming free and plants growing deeper roots there is a sense of tranquility the earth has infused upon itself. Self-isolation is indeed a daunting task for humans, making people stay at home and only leave the house for necessities, but this has also had an inverse but positive effect on nature due to less air, water, and noise pollution. Allowing people, animals, and plants to breathe in cleaner air, live in clearer water and roam freely in a calmer environment. The decrease in noise pollution has spread a sense of peace that was much needed but never realized. Social distancing during this pandemic has also led the wildlife to thrive and rebuild the animal kingdom, with marine life swimming closer to land and birds nesting in cities. Mother nature can be seen taking its course to regain balance for all living things.


It is a known and well-observed fact that tragic times have shown the most vibrant colors of humanity. From people coming together to help, support and guide those of us who need it the most to individuals stepping onto the frontlines and fighting to protect under a united cause. COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of even the most common working sectors of society. The functioning part of the economy including those sectors that are still working to keep the country running are now seen in a much different light, with people showing their support and solidarity towards delivery men, healthcare workers, shopkeepers, small business owners, cashiers, supermarket workers, janitors, etc. there is an evident sense of unity amongst the people. Furthermore, communities on a global scale are coming together raising their voice to show their support for each other during these tough times. Government entities and the public, in general, are taking steps to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals (i.e. the elderly, sick, handicapped and children) in the society are being given the care they need.

Stronger Relations

With the majority of businesses have made the shift from office to working from home, there is a definite increase in the amount of time spent with family and loved ones. Schools have switched to online learning and kids are now at home getting to spent the extra time with their parents and vice versa. This change though sudden has indeed resulted in a wave of positive outcomes. Closer bonds are being formed which are in turn leading to healthier mental and psychological upkeep. Business management has reported an increase in productivity levels from happy employees and sensed a new zeal to working hard and fast. Even with restricted movement on both a local and global scale, families and friends are going that extra mile to keep in touch with one another to make sure everyone is safe and healthy wherever they are.

Appreciating the Little Things

It is only when we are deprived of a luxury taken for granted that we realize the value it holds. Especially during difficult times like a pandemic where the simplest of things like taking a stroll outside may turn into a worst-case scenario. It is observed, excess time makes people ponder on the little things in life, while appreciating what once was and what we have now. This realization comes in the wake of a crisis that has made the world stop and think of the things that do and do not matter. Some things we should reflect upon and try to implement include maintaining relations, living a happy and healthy life, spending time with ourselves and our loved ones and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

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