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As part of their relentless efforts to protect the society and secure Dubai’s ports, Dubai Customs launched Siyaj (Fence) initiative: the first integrated control 24/7 system in the world.

Dubai Customs announced the official working hours at its customs centers during the Eid Al-Adha holiday, to help individuals and companies clear their goods without any delay.

According to latest statistics of Refund and Maqasa Department at Dubai Customs, 452,300 insurance refund requests with a value of Dh 3.2b have been completed in H1 2020. The smart Insurance Refund Portal helps clients submit their claims 24/7, which saves their time and reduces cost on them.

In line with the directives of the Dubai government to support investors and reduce financial burdens on them, Dubai Customs signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with DIFC to enhance joint relations between government agencies and private institutions.

According to the latest trade statistics, Dubai’s food imports touched AED22 billion (6.23 million tonnes), while exports reached AED5.5 billion (2.1 million tonnes) and re-exports amounted to AED4.5 billion (733,000 tonnes) in H1 2020.

The guide, prepared by the Tariff and Origin Department, outlines all the procedures and steps that need to be taken by companies to avail for the services and facilities provided by Dubai Customs to transit activity.

The new device will alert frontline inspection officers of any radiation over exposure.

This follows the government directives of gradual return to offices which Dubai Customs started from 14th June 2020.

Dubai saw exceptional growth in business registration applications. Against all odds, Dubai Customs completed 107,000 business registration requests from January to May, growing 95 percent from 55,000 in the first five months in 2019.

The package also includes the cancellation of the Dhs 50,000 bank guarantee or cash required to undertake customs clearance activity. Bank guarantee or cash paid by existing customs clearance companies will be refunded.

During the first Customs Consultative Council meeting 2020, organised quarterly by Dubai Customs, representatives and heads of business groups in Dubai confirmed that Dubai always stands with them against any economic challenges.

Dubai Customs continues its recognizable role in facilitating legitimate trade, enhancing the national economy and supporting the national efforts against the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

On World Intellectual Property, IP, Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 26th April each year, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director-General of Dubai Customs, announced that in Q1 of 2020, the authority dealt with 61 IP disputes, with a value of AED8.167 million.

Dubai external trade in foodstuff in Q1, 2020 made Dh11b (2.87 million tons). Dubai Customs enable all citizens and residents to have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food, including vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry and fish for an active and healthy life at affordable prices.

Customs transactions in Dubai rose sharply by 60 percent to reach 4 million in Q1, 2020, from 2.5 million in the corresponding quarter last year, reflecting the resilience of Dubai economy and its ability to cope with changes and challenges.

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