Supreme Council for Motherhood & Childhood issues coronavirus awareness story for children

The Supreme Council for Motherhood & Childhood has published an electronic story on its social media platforms to educate children about the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

The story titled "Makronia", addresses the questions that children may have about this pandemic and answer them in a simple and interesting way that suits the thinking of the age group.

The events of the story revolve around the reality and nature of the virus, the importance of adhering to the preventive guidelines that protect society from the pandemic, the need to staying at home and maintaining personal hygiene and the way to wash hands.

It also highlights using free time in optimal ways such as practicing hobbies, helping parents in family affairs, making them responsible and utilising their energies and talents.

Rym bint Abdullah Al Falasy, Secretary-General of the Council, said that in light of this pandemic and the related misleading information affecting the children, parents should educate their children in ways that are appropriate for their ages and guide them on preventive measures in an easy way.

Al Falasy added that the council has now made this story available online on its social media platforms, and everyone can have a copy. The council will also provide a printed copy in Braille later to ensure that it reaches everyone without exception.

News Source: http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302858985

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