Rashid Al Awadhi Appointed as CEO of the New Media Academy

Rashid Al Awadhi has been appointed as the CEO of the New Media Academy, which aims to prepare a digital-first future workforce, to be at the forefront of the rapidly growing digital media landscape.

The academy was launched on Monday by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to nurture the next generation of digital content creators, and to train media professionals in both the government and private sectors.

Through a broad range of career-oriented educational programs, world renowned experts will share the latest insights on digital marketing, as well as real-life case studies and personal journeys on social media.

Educators will deliver the interactive classes virtually, within a concept called "Open Learning", which will empower students to combine theoretical study with practical application, where students will create, post and analyze online content in real-time after each course.

On his new appointment, Rashid Al Awadhi said,

"I’m honored to be named as the CEO of the newly-formed New Media Academy. Through my role, I aim to utilize my experience and an accelerated pursuit of knowledge in the ever-changing digital sphere to achieve the long-term goal of the academy, which is to create the next generation of full-stack digital professionals. I am extremely excited to work with our highly acclaimed educators, experts and content creators across the top Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, to develop and deliver a unique learning experience."

He noted that the New Media Academy will incubate and develop talented Emirati and Arab content creators who embody the UAE’s values, and enjoy positive engagement with people from diverse cultural backgrounds across the world. The academy, he added, will build bridges of communication with the world.

"The Academy’s innovative educational programs will equip social media content creators to be self-dependent online and to produce meaningful digital content that is valuable to audiences, in pop-culture but also social affairs, humanitarian causes, sustainability and cultural understanding. The academy will play a major role in expanding the youth’s career prospects, by developing their skill sets in the various areas of the digital universe from strategy, to content creation and distribution, to audience engagement, and analytics. A key goal is to help digital professionals in the Government sector to reach a level of expertise, to help their organizations drive and thrive in the digital sector."

News Source: http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302849556

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