New Media Academy launches first Youth YouTuber Program in the region

The New Media Academy, a first of its kind digital academy in the Middle East, in partnership with Nas Academy, part of the Nas Daily Group, announced the Youth YouTuber Program.

This unique summer programme will be taught by handpicked instructors, to provide students with a greater understanding of the world of content creation, from filming and editing videos, to distributing them across social networks.

The purpose of the two-week programme is to educate the youth on what it takes to be a full-time content creator. The programme features five identical cohorts (two in Arabic and three in English) and is open to youth. Each cohort will feature 20 students only so that each student receives enough personal attention from instructors. All cohorts will be virtual, and the first cohort will start on 26th July, 2020.

The programme is presented over two weeks and covers the following topics:

1) Learning, scripting, storytelling and basic shots

2) Master on-camera presence and advanced script writing

3) Beating the "Algorithm" and reaching your core audience

"With this initiative, we are telling the youth that we believe in them and that we trust their abilities to become responsible content creators. We believe in their dreams of becoming full-time content creators and we will help them make this a reality,"

said Rashid Al Awadhi, CEO of New Media Academy.

This programme is aligned with UAE Vision 2021 to develop the skills, energy, enthusiasm and commitment of the country's youth, and empowering them to contribute to the continued welfare of the country.

The academy is an Emirati initiative focused on shaping Arab youth in the region and training them on the latest digital media trends. Each programme’s curriculum is developed by experts in social media and digital marketing and will be delivered by internationally acclaimed specialists. It will provide career-oriented educational programmes through digital masterclasses, to nurture social media content creators and develop them into innovative resources in digital marketing and social media.

News Source: https://mediaoffice.ae/en/news/2020/July/10-07/New-Media-Academy-launches-first-Youth-YouTuber-Program-in-the-region

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