MoHAP highlights vital role of nursing cadres amid COVID-19 battle on International Nurses Day ( 12 May, Tuesday)

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, has highlighted the vital role of the nursing and medical cadres as being the frontline of defence for the health of society in the provision of healthcare, especially in light of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, crisis.

To mark the International Nurses Day, observed on 12 May each year, the Ministry in its message expressed pride in their tremendous efforts to immunize society against this pandemic and to maintain the health and safety of patients, providing an inspiring human model as a source of assurance and confidence.

The nursing cadres have proven their competency and ability to face this crisis in a very professional way through the provision of the best healthcare services for patients, the Ministry noted, adding that amid COVID-19 battle, it has given high priority to the health and safety of its medical cadres by providing them with the necessary training and requirements of the occupational protection in accordance with the best international practices.

MoHAP is taking part in the International Nurses Day after having joined the world campaign "Nursing Now" and after the launch of promoting the attractiveness of nursing profession initiative and linking it to the National Agenda indicators.

"This underlines the significant position the nursing cadre occupies at the national health policies level and the growing expertise of MoHAP’s nursing sector, based on continuous training, IT and research, adopting the best standards of innovation in nursing practices, building effective partnerships to enhance the reputation of the nursing profession at the community level, developing scientific research in the field of nursing, seeking to apply evidence-based practices, and exploring the future development of nursing care services," read the Ministry statement.

MoHAP further stated that it provides scholarships for Emiratis who have a high school diploma from both genders to complete their studies in nursing specialisations in a number of the universities, with the aim of increasing the number of citizen nursing cadres qualified to contribute to providing distinguished health care to the community, which it considers to be among the most important professions in health care systems, which play an important role in preventive care to address chronic and infectious diseases.

"The role and importance of nursing has emerged within the medical staff in response to the spread of the coronavirus, confirming the state's view that nursing is a strategic profession and a true support for the homeland in health crises," the Ministry concluded.

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