Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government launches 'Executive Education Smart Platform'

The Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, MBRSG, has launched the "Executive Education Smart Platform", aimed at providing leaders with expertise and updates about the latest international developments.

In a statement on Tuesday by the school, the platform was conceived to keep pace with global government changes and develop an integrated system of distance learning with effective communication channels and innovative educational programmes.

The MBRSG aims to transfer 50 percent of its educational programmes onto the Executive Education Smart Platform to provide an opportunity for leaders to participate effectively and remotely, especially in light of the current situation and in preparation for the future "new normal".

"Strategic Leadership in a Challenging World" is the first free-of-charge programme the MBRSG has launched on the platform, aimed at enhancing the understanding of the concept of leadership in the public sector. It discussed the challenges and the latest developments in government work, and also promoted strategic thinking and the effective use of tools to overcome challenges and implement change management.

Dr. Ali bin Sebaa Al-Marri, Executive President of MBRSG, affirmed that the school is committed to upgrading educational programmes, tools and capabilities that ensure the provision of an innovative and flexible educational environment that facilitates continuous communication with various government leaders in the UAE and the region.

He also reiterated that it supports leaders in decision-making and in keeping pace with global changes in the government and private sectors.

Dr. Al-Marri said, "The Executive Education Smart Platform reflects our vision towards developing executive education to reach a larger segment of government leaders across the region. The platform integrates participants in the advanced educational system through which the MBRSG seeks to improve government performance and to find innovative solutions to challenges that will guarantee the continued development of all sectors."

Lecturing on "Strategic Leadership in a Challenging World" will be Dr. Al-Marri and Professor Raed Awamleh, Dean of MBRSG. The programme includes e-learning material, films and presentations, 16 training courses with a total of eight training hours, and a set of evaluation tests. The programme has built-in flexibility regarding training materials for participants.

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