Minister of Economy, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, discuss entrepreneurship during the post-COVID-19 economic recovery

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, and Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, discussed ways of enhancing the joint cooperation between the two ministries, and relevant federal and local government authorities, to support and encourage national entrepreneurship during the post-COVID-19 economic recovery period.

The two ministers also discussed a range of topics related to motivating Emirati entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, SME, with an emphasis on priority sectors and in line with the country’s visions and strategies to create the future economy.

During the meeting, Al Mansouri said that the entrepreneurship sector is a cornerstone of the national economy, as well as a fundamental driver to achieving the country’s vision of creating a future economy based on knowledge and innovation.

He added that the government’s plans for the post-COVID-19 economic recovery period include motivating Emirati entrepreneurs to focus on activities based on modern technologies, artificial intelligence, industrial development and advanced sciences, due to their importance to achieving the country’s visions in the areas of diversity, competitiveness, sustainability and future growth in the digital revolution age.

Al Amiri pointed out that the UAE’s vision and the directives of its leadership are based on employing scientific research and modern technologies to support the country’s sustainable development process, stressing the importance of drafting policies to empower Emirati entrepreneurs and SME owners to acquire the required skills, to achieve development in knowledge-based sectors and reinforce their investments in innovation and advanced sciences.

The meeting addressed several topics and recommendations for supporting entrepreneurs and providing them with learning resources related to innovation, development and sustainability, including on how to draft policies to support leaders, reinforce their leadership skills and develop their capacities for growth, continuity and development, as well as on how to strengthen businesses incubators, facilitate the work of existing organisations supporting the sector, monitor related policies and initiatives and promote cooperation and coordination between relevant entities.

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