Global fight against coronavirus entering new phase

Image courtesy : wam.ae

The global fight against the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is entering a new phase, as countries are increasing their understanding and are becoming more ready to face the pandemic.

The world is preparing to continue combatting the virus for a longer period than expected. The World Health Organisation, WHO, and international medical bodies are highlighting the impact of increasing the numbers of tests conducted to determine the efficiency of every country’s containment policy.

Since the start of the crisis, the UAE has believed in the importance of mass testing and the country’s level of testing relative to the population is higher than the international level.

The UAE has conducted over 1,122,000 tests in hospitals and health centres and established 14 drive-through testing centres. It has also conducted home testing for people of determination.

The UAE also provides testing services to all citizens and residents in many hospitals and specialist health centres.

The launch of the largest laboratory in the world outside China, which will monitor and analyse the occurrence of coronavirus in Abu Dhabi will help raise the number and efficiency of testing around the country. The laboratory, which was constructed in just 14 days, has world-class diagnostic capacities that will help facilitate response and containment.

News Source : http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302839475

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