Dubai Economy acts against wholesaler for hiking onion price

Dubai, 27 March 2020: The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in Dubai Economy has issued a violation notice to a wholesaler for increasing price of onions unreasonably. The notice follows inspection by CCCP teams held after consumer complaints.

The wholesaler had claimed that he had purchased the onions at a high price, but the CCCP team verified the selling price from the main supplier and found the wholesaler's claim invalid.

The inspections campaigns are held in line with the focus of CCCP on ensuring fair prices and maintaining cordial relations with the Dubai Fruit & Vegetable Market under Dubai Municipality as well as wholesalers in the market and major outlets.

Dubai Economy confirms the availability of adequate supplies in the local market and that no effort is spared to find alternative source markets to ensure consumers continue to get their needs at fair prices. The price of vegetables and fruits usually depend on supply and demand and Dubai Economy is keen to cooperate with all stakeholders to ensure steady availability of consumer requirements at reasonable prices.

Dubai Economy also urged consumers to raise their queries and concerns on the call center number 600 54 5555,  the 'Dubai Consumer' app, or on the Consumerrights.ae website.

News Source : http://ded.ae/English/MediaCenter/Pages/PressReleasesDetails.aspx?ItemId=471

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