Dubai Culture launches its music programme with the UAE national anthem as a theme

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority announced its willingness to launch the musical arts programme that falls under the slogan ‘The National Anthem of the United Arab Emirates’ and is inviting all aspirants who seek to develop their passion for music and embark on horizons of creativity to join. The programme will be held from 16 August to 29 November 2020 as part of this year’s ‘Dubai Performing Arts’ programme to enhance opportunities for communication and dialogue. The program will conclude with a musical evening performed by the workshops participants.

As part of the cooperation between the performing arts department and the museums department at Dubai Culture, the music programme seeks to provide a platform that would help develop promising musical talents through specialised workshops under the supervision of distinguished veteran musicians from the United Arab Emirates and the Arab and west world.

The programme will also emphasise on discovering, supporting, and developing skills and refining the experiences of UAE citizens and residents in the musical arts field as a means of contributing to the spread of musical awareness and culture among members of society, integrating musical art into the Emirati culture, and establishing a conscious generation that possesses the constituents for creativity and innovation to create a true artistic product that reflects the culture and identity of the UAE.

The programme includes a set of interactive training workshops covering a wide range of string, wood, and oriental instruments;  Emirati and the Arab and west world singing and the Emirati national anthem as well as workshops that cover the correlation between music and emotional and psychological health, soul therapy through music, and the inspiration behind drawing and poetry, among other interactive activities.

Dubai Culture aims, through this artistic programme, to activate the musical movement in the emirate and establish a strong base for music that works to discover talents from new generations as well as enable them to become professional, thus contributing to enriching the sector with young talents in the fields of musical arts, leading to strengthening the emirate’s position as a global center for art and culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.

News Source: https://mediaoffice.ae/en/news/2020/August/12-08/Dubai-Culture

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