Amlak Finance signs agreement with Dubai Land Department

Amlak Finance PJSC, a leading specialised Islamic real estate financier, today announced a newly formed partnership with Dubai Land Department (DLD). This strategic cooperation aims at allowing customers to invest in ready and well-maintained properties listed by Amlak Finance via easy instalment payment plans for a tenure of up to six years.

The agreement was signed by HE Juma bin Humaidan Deputy Director General of Dubai Land Department, and Arif Alharmi Albastaki, CEO of Amlak Finance.

HE Juma bin Humaidan Deputy Director General of Dubai Land Department, said:

“This partnership comes in line with our approach to support all parties in the real estate market and help provide flexible options to ensure the attraction of real estate investors locally, regionally, and globally. Dubai was and will always be a dream for many people to live in for its stature as a city of creativity, progress and development, and advanced infrastructure. Entrepreneurs can go to Dubai to live and start their businesses, especially as it has a very attractive real estate investment climate. Amlak will work in this direction, and we expect its efforts to succeed due to the packages and financing offers that it is able to provide investors, contributing to the positive momentum of the real estate market.”

The partnership aims to enhance the investment appetite for the Dubai real estate market while stimulating growth in the vital property sector. The alliance will contribute to providing a unique investment environment for buyers looking to invest in ready properties owned by Amlak with a unique investment environment that offers them the option to purchase properties over a comfortable period of time with the sale price divided over an instalment plan of up to six years as opposed to paying the entire sum in one transaction. The newly accessible, easy-instalment payment plan feature applies specifically to all properties that are owned by Amlak Finance.

Commenting on the partnership, Arif Alharmi Albastaki, Managing Director & CEO of Amlak Finance, said:

“We are pleased to be collaborating with DLD once again and welcome the opportunity to further strengthen our strategic partnership with DLD. At Amlak, we are continually enhancing products and services we offer our customers in line with current demands. We believe this new offering is not only well-suited for the market but also comes at a time when customers are looking to ease their financial burdens. We are certain that this new alliance with DLD will further increase investment transactions in Dubai, and we look forward to positively contributing to the future growth of the real estate sector.”

The agreement aims to open additional channels in the Dubai real estate market by facilitating real estate transactions and encouraging investment in the market as well as stimulating real estate transactions while encouraging prospective buyers to redirect their investments from other sectors to real estate. Furthermore, in line with Amlak’s mission to create an innovative and sustainable real estate environment, this partnership has been implemented with a motivation to provide customers with the highest levels of convenience, simplicity, and efficiency.

News Source: https://mediaoffice.ae/en/news/2020/July/06-07/Amlak-Finance-signs-agreement-with-Dubai-Land-Department

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