CBUAE calls on consumers not to disclose personal information due to increase of fraudulent activities

The Central Bank of the UAE, CBUAE, has alerted consumers of the increase in fraudulent activities, and stresses not to disclose private information such as personal and bank account information to any person or entity.

Moreover, the Central Bank and banks operating in the UAE have confirmed that they do not request such information from consumers and warned them of malicious phone calls and fraudulent messages that they may receive via WhatsApp using CBUAE name and logo.

In addition, CBUAE reminded consumers not to answer such calls and messages, as well as opening any attached links to avoid data exposure to malicious websites.

The Central Bank has urged the public to report to the relevant authorities when they receive fraudulent calls and messages or in the event of financial fraud. The Central Bank confirmed the concerted efforts of the concerned authorities in the UAE to limit financial fraud activities and to raise public awareness about it.

News Source: http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302856847

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