200 students benefit from RTA’s remote learning aid for fixed-income families

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that 200 students benefited from the Home-Learning Environment for Fixed-Income Families initiative. The move aimed at supporting the remote learning experience of students of low-income families under the existing challenges forced by the outbreak of Covid-19. The initiative was administered by RTA’s Foundation in cooperation with Community Development Authority (CDA) and SERCO, Dubai Metro & Tram Operator.

Beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for this initiative, which relieved them of financial burdens that would have otherwise saddled them given the inevitable need of providing educational materials for their students to complete their studies. Families noted that the initiative created a great home-learning environment for their children that simulated to a considerable extent the regular school environment. As such, the initiative was met by a positive response on the part of students along with their parents.

Numerous parents stated that RTA was quick to perceive their needs under these exceptional circumstances engulfing the globe and the UAE, especially the educational field. They maintained that the rolling out of this initiative reflected RTA’s commitment to the needy segments of the community. Children of those families were able to complete their studies at home happily, thanks to educational material supplied by RTA.

“This initiative was administered by RTA’s Foundation in coordination with Community Development Authority (CDA) and SERCO, Dubai Metro & Tram Operator, in the context of the government drive to complete the remainder of the current school year through remote learning. The Foundation provided a perfect home-learning environment for students of disadvantaged families and relieved them of the burden of sourcing essential educational logistics. Accordingly, those students were psychologically relieved and were able to complete their school duties at home,”

said Dr Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, Chair of the Higher Committee of RTA Foundation.

“The initiative has two folds. The first part covers the provision of desks, chairs, bookshelves, writing boards, sports equipment, drawings, posters and others to create a home-learning atmosphere simulating the school-learning environment. It also encourages them to pursue their study in a handy and safe environment while schools remained closed as part of preventive measures taken for the safety of students.

“RTA Foundation coordinated with the Community Development Authority in listing families that fulfil the criteria of benefiting from the initiative. It also made contracts with furniture and stationery traders through Serco (Metro and Tram Operator) to supply educational materials compatible with the standard school specifications,”

stated Al Ali.

“The second part of the initiative concurs with the directives of the Director-General and Chairman of the Board to donate scrapped RTA assets, namely computers and electronics, after reconditioning and configuring them to fit the purpose. The process is undertaken in coordination with Al Hayat Digital Equipment Rehabilitation Company; an SME listed by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity Est.

Dr. El-Sayed Mohamed El-Hashimi, Executive Director of Empowerment and Financial Benefits Sector at the Community Development Authority (CDA), highlighted the need for public and private entities to cooperate in developing initiatives that meet the needs of community members. He called on all bodies to shoulder their social responsibilities, support the call for social solidarity, and ensure community members get their basic needs.

“CDA coordinated with in-house teams and compiled lists of low-income Emirati families, especially those who have school children and struggle to provide the requirements for distant learning forced by the coronavirus pandemic. CDA submitted such lists to RTA to cater to the needs of those families and enable their children to complete their school year,”

added El-Hashimi.

This initiative illustrates RTA’s commitment to its social responsibility in a perfect manner. Tasks of RTA Foundation provide for giving educational aid overseas. The circumstances witnessed by the UAE warrant making concerted efforts to support our leaders’ efforts to alleviate the impact and fallouts of COVID-19.

News Source: https://mediaoffice.ae/en/news/2020/August/30-08/200-students-benefit-from-RTA

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