Bust the Stress - Make Your Home Look Worth the Isolation

It is a known fact that humans crave comfort and change in every aspect of their life, whether it be in their profession or at home. Change is essential for survival and comfort follows suit right after. Given the current pandemic situation around the world, making our self-isolation comfortable with either minor or major changes has become a norm. With no option but to stay home it is very likely that people will look for ways to express their creativity in the environment available to them. Here are a few changes in your social distancing chambers that can be upgraded for a more unique, comfortable and in some cases productive experience.

Workspace upgrades

A work-space is meant to inspire creativity, promote productivity and at the same time display a perfect blend of professionalism and comfort to encourage the prospect of working from home. All this can easily be achieved with the help of a few upgrades. Setting up a separate space in your home by adding furniture pieces like a work desk, chair, shelves, laptop table or a file cabinet that will assist during working hours is one way to go about this. Other accessories depending on need can also be put in, for example, lamp, organizers, phone book, etc. Furniture stores such as IKEA have great offers and variety in the home office category.

Kitchen upgrades

Despite the wide variety of food choices available in the market, cooking has become an essential part of everyday life now more than ever. People having more free time on their hands have started to venture into their kitchens to either discover the level their cooking skills are at or to learn the art from step one. No matter the reason of interest the main purpose being the need for a kitchen upgrade to satisfy their inner chef or baker in some cases. Stocking up cooking accessories like cookbooks, aprons, healthy diet plans, baking utensils and more has shown a spike in consumer demand. Upgrading outdated utensils like plastic containers, classic stove-top kettles, clunky kitchen tools, etc, to make the cooking process organized, tastier and faster has become essential. HomeBox website is great place to buy kitchen equipment and decor from the comfort of your home.

Entertainment Hub

With the 24-hour isolation in play, boredom may become a consistent companion for all of us. If you had ever dreamed of having your own entertainment space in the house, then what better time than now to get started on it. Not only can this become a home DIY project to kill time but at the same time benefit us in the long run. The best part about having your own entertainment space in the comfort of your home is that it can be as minimalist or as extravagant as the leap your budget is willing to let you take. For a minimalist entertainment hub, stocking up on board games like chess, checkers, monopoly, risk, puzzles, UNO, playing cards, etc, and video games like PlayStation and Xbox is ideal as it satisfies entertainment and saves on storage space. On the other hand, for a more dramatic leisure hub depending on the size of the budget, recreation gear like a snooker table, home theater system, musical instruments, arcade games, etc. can be accommodated.

Bedroom makeover

Every home renovation tends to begin with a bedroom makeover, from new wallpapers to elegant furnishing, the whole process can become an exciting adventure. Depending on personal style and preference update your bedroom to make it more quarantine friendly, whether you think it’s high time for the change to be a comfortable yet chic setting or to have a more homely but sophisticated feel. However, change doesn’t always mean that you need to go all out, change is subjective to the amount of simplicity and extravagance you are willing to accept in your personal space. Minor upgrades like adding a TV to binge watch your favorite Netflix shows, scented candle to add a vibe to the environment, some potted plants to give the room a fresher look and even your own framed pieces of artwork can do the trick.

There is no place like home, make it your heaven! #StayHome & #StaySafe!

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